Bulletin #4 – Boat Selection Process / Sponsoring 

Dear ECC friends,

We are happy to inform you that 47 skippers have now successfully registered for participation.

Therefore we will now proceed to the next step: the boat selection.

We have used a simple lottery to decide the sequence in which the skippers will pick their boats.

We have worked together with Sasha and her partners to offer a small, medium and large fleet as well as a Commodore’s fleet that generally suits the preferences you expressed during the registration phase.

Later today (30 September 2018) we will publish the Lottery Result and Boat Selection sheets on the http://www.ecc-sailing.com web page.

The Lottery Results sheet contains a list of Skippers and a Boat Selection Sequence number for each skipper – determined by the Lottery.

Starting on Monday (01 October 2018) the skippers will be contacted by HPY (Sasha) via e-mail – in order of the Boat Selection Sequence. HPY will invite you to select your preferred boat from the (S/M/L/C) fleets shown in the Boat Selection Sheet.

All skippers are kindly requested to be ready to decide soon on their selection.

We will also address in the next weeks the companies for potential sponsorship and for sure all of us would very much appreciate any kind of contribution to our event.

Important Dates:

30 September 2018:
Commodore’s team publishes Bulletin 4, the Lottery Result and Boat Selection sheets on the http://www.ecc-sailing.com web page

01 October 2018:
HPY contacts Skippers to commence boat selection process

26 October 2018:
Commodore’s team reports back to entrants after recce trip in mid-October and confirm proposed route destinations for ECC 2019

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Martin Fordham and Crew of EC 24 (Commodore and OC of ECC 2019) www.ecc-sailing.com

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