• Location & dates

    Announcement of the (probable) ECC 2024 location and dates, a gentle reminder for registration and more in ECC 2024 Bulletin 2. Read more

  • Registration open

    How to confirm your participation and more (date, entry fees, etc.) in ECC 2024 Bulletin 1. Read more

  • ECC Charter updated

    Download here the complete ECC Charter Revision 20, June 2023. Read more

  • ECC 2024, here we come!

    ECC 2024, here we come!

    ECC 2023 is over. WHAT A WEEK! Thanks again to commodore Gilles and his team, sponsors and all sailors and stakeholders involved. ECC 2024, here we come! Boat 8 now has the honour to organise this fantastic event for you. There isn’t a destination yet, no dates, no logo, no… There isn’t much really yet. Although……… Read more