This is the ECC trophy. You will have the honour of keeping this unique sculpture for one year if your team wins the ECC.

Year after year, the name of the current ECC winner is added to the sculpture. But remember this is not an olympic race: we sail just for fun. The trophy is for the winning boat, but we all are winners.

Good luck and lots of fun to all ECC competitors!

Commodores Cup


Founder: Heinz Baedorff

The Commodores Cup will be challenged only by the ECC-Winners of the past ECC history. Those ECC-Winners get the status of a Commodore. Therefore the Commodores Cup has become a very famous and exciting race during the ECC-Regatta week. With special thanks to Heinz, we did get this unique event, which makes the ECC even more complete and gives it a special touch.



In memory of Jose Miguel Martinez who lost his life on Day 1 of the 2017 event, a special Jose Miguel Martinez Trophy (pictured) will be awarded for the winner of the first race (normally a short one held on Day 1). This first race will involve all entries (Commodores and Non-Commodores) and will not count towards the results of the other two trophies.

The purpose of the trophy, presented in 2017 by ECC founder, Arno Hemm and his crew, is

  1. To remember each year Jose Miguel Martinez who died while participating in ECC 2017 at Solta, Croatia
  2. To remind all participants that sailing is potentially dangerous, even for experienced skippers
  3. To be awarded to the winner of the first race each year