Commitee Notices

The ECC2022 Sailing Documents will be published here, all news bulletins will be published on a regular basis in the Bulletins tab.

01June 22, 2020Notice of Race (NoR) ECC2021ECC2021 NoR
02Apr. 03, 2020Agreement and Disclaimer Form ECC2021Disclaimer Form
03Apr. 03, 2020Crew List FormCrew List Form
04Apr. 03, 2020VHF MayDay Protocol Quick ReferenceVHF Protocol
05Soon AvailableList of registered Boats/SkippersRegistered Skippers
06Soon available Sailing Instructions (SI)ECC2021 SI
07Sept. 12, 2019Sponsorship PresentationSponsorship
08Jan. 20, 2020Racing Rules of Sailing ChartRacing Rules Chart
09Jan. 20, 2020Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020Racing Rules
10Apr. 03, 2020Preliminary Route ECC2021Route ECC2021
February 2019 ECC Charter, by John Hall Hall Charter V17.1

Main dates ECC2022:
– May 7, 2022: Registration, Embarking and Opening Party in Trogir, Croatia
– May 8 till 13, 2022: Regatta days from Trogir to Dubrovnik
– May 13, 2022: Finish and Prize Giving Party in Dubrovnik
– May 14, 2022: Disembarking in Dubrovnik

The old harbor of Dubrovnik