ECC SuperEvent APP


We have launched a new Event in the SuperEvent app and here you can read how to install the app.

Step 1: Download the Superevent app from the Apple or Google Play Stores.
(Web version of the app via this link.)
Note !! In case you still have a login in the old event, please logout first !!

Step 2: Search for the event ECC2022 NEW

Step 3: In case you are invited by the organisation, you have received a unique event code per Email. Invitation has been send out on Friday April 15th at 21:00 hrs.

Step 4: All crew members can request for an individual event code: please click here. (Particpants only!)

Step 5: With the unique Event Code you can create your profile with login and have access to all the details of the ECC2022 event.

Step 6: With your login details you will be able to access the event app on multiple mobile devices or the web version.

Example of the new ECC2022 Event in the Superevent app