• Sailors registration

    All participating sailors are kindly requested to complete the Sailors registration form. Some information is required to comply with the necessary formalities to enable participation. Other data is collected in order to provide access to the event app (as soon as it comes online), facilitate networking opportunities and marketing purposes.  Read more

  • Location & dates

    Announcement of the (probable) ECC 2024 location and dates, a gentle reminder for registration and more in ECC 2024 Bulletin 2. Read more

  • Registration open

    How to confirm your participation and more (date, entry fees, etc.) in ECC 2024 Bulletin 1. Read more

  • ECC Charter updated

    Download here the complete ECC Charter Revision 20, June 2023. Read more

  • ECC 2024, here we come!

    ECC 2024, here we come!

    ECC 2023 is over. WHAT A WEEK! Thanks again to commodore Gilles and his team, sponsors and all sailors and stakeholders involved. ECC 2024, here we come! Boat 8 now has the honour to organise this fantastic event for you. There isn’t a destination yet, no dates, no logo, no… There isn’t much really yet. Although……… Read more