ECC 2024, here we come!

ECC 2023 is over. WHAT A WEEK! Thanks again to commodore Gilles and his team, sponsors and all sailors and stakeholders involved.

ECC 2024, here we come! Boat 8 now has the honour to organise this fantastic event for you. There isn’t a destination yet, no dates, no logo, no… There isn’t much really yet. Although… We now had our first “OCECC2024 meetings” – and therefore also our first abbreviation. We started this campaign with many ideas and enormous enthusiasm and meanwhile have a shortlist of exciting options on the table. We promise it will be another unforgettable week! Are you sailing with us (again)?

We are in the process of editing our first communication and configuring our communication channels, including this website. Stay tuned!

Allard de Vos Klootwijk (commodore)
Tonno van Bemmel (co-skipper)
Erik Warmink
Laurens van Bemmel
Pieter Van Acker
Richard Gijsberts